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Tasting Life the Vegetarian Way! Bringing Vegetarian Nutrition Education to Your Home & Community

Are you curious about the rich history of vegetarianism? Do you want to learn about other people's positive experiences with vegetarianism? Do you want to learn about what's driving the interest in plant-based eating now, more than ever before? Do you like the idea of becoming a "gradual vegetarian" versus a "radical vegetarian"? Have you ever thought about presenting a vegetarian awareness talk to a school or a church group, but you're not sure how you might do that? Do you think it would be fun to host a neighborhood vegetarian celebration right in your backyard that your family can help to get ready? If you answered "yes" to these questions, there are a lot of educational tools for you in this course to support you!


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Eco-BItes Food Treasure Hunt Activity

Industrial food production depletes natural resources and harms living things' ecological health and well-being. It also produces food for humans that have been tainted with pesticides, drugs, hormones, and food additives. If you're ready to be part of the solution to this problem, I know you'll enjoy this game activity, which supports you in creating a more healthy and sustainable way of farming and eating! The game provides you with two game questionnaires. The first questionnaire is a SEARCH MISSION. You'll read clues about foods whose industrial production is harmful to the living ecology of your body and the Earth, and you'll match them to pictures of foods that they correspond to. The second questionnaire is a RESCUE MISSION. You'll read clues about foods whose organic production is healthy and restorative to the living ecology of your body and the Earth, and you match them to pictures of foods that they correspond to.


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Farm Alarm: Unearthing the Health Risks that GMO Foods Pose to People and the Planet

Do you believe that genetically engineered foods are safe for you to eat and harmless to the environment? If so, you've probably been hoodwinked by a lobbyist who works for the industrial food industry. Researchers who don't have a financial bias, know that GE foods aren't healthy for people or the planet. Use my crossword puzzle to identify the risks related to farming GMO foods and eating them. Use my colorful Tabletop TUTORS Infographics (with video and audio intros) to learn about healthy farming and explore the production process that is used to bring common foods to your dining table.


34 Lessons

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Learn & Teach Nutrition with the Eco-Intelligent Eating Model

Are you aware that there is a demand for a NEW kind of nutrition and health mentor? This new kind of mentor is one who is conscious of the idea that the way that food is produced, is just as important as what a person eats. This new kind of mentor is one who is conscious of the idea that food is meant to nourish our connection to not only the natural world, but to our bodies, minds, emotions, and spirits as a whole. Unfortunately, the USDA Eating Model does not promote this vital message! For decades, the USDA Eating Model has told Americans “what” to eat (and in what amounts), but it has failed to tell us that its creators stand behind an industrial food production system that is destroying the environment, and putting people’s health in harm’s way by exposing them to unsafe levels of pesticides, GMO’s, and food additives. Unfortunately, political lobbyists are handsomely paid to protect conventional food industry standards and their profits! In this course, you will get the inside story about this problem, and be encouraged to adopt healthy, eco-sustainable food choices that protect and nourish your health and sustain the Earth’s health.


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GOURMET GRAINS 4 Season Main Dishes for Whole Food Lovers & Eco-Advocates

Whole grains and pseudo-grains, when prepared in the traditional way (as our ancestors did), offer to be healthful and delicious additions to your diet. They are a great source of fiber, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals, that help maintain the health of your human ecology system! When you add meatless meals to your diet, you can help to protect and preserve some of the natural resources that are being destroyed by industrial meat production, and reduce the effects of climate change, according to United Nations and the University of Chicago. In this course module, I will show you how to prepare some of my favorite gourmet lunch and dinner recipes. See the list of savory recipes below, that I will demo for you!


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NOT MILK...NUT MILKS! (Dairy-Less Gourmet Recipes)

Many doctors and health researchers believe that drinking factory-farmed dairy products may elevate the risk of developing as many as 16 different disease conditions in the human body. Could it be that the methods used to produce the milk are hurting its digestibility and nutrient availability? Nut Milks offer to be a healthy and delicious alternative to cow's milk that protects the health of cows, the environment, and your body! If you don't drink milk because of lactose intolerance or dairy sensitivities, or .you've stopped drinking soy milk because you've heard that it's NOT what it's cracked up to be, nut milks (made from eco-friendly ingredients) offer a delicious, nutritious way to fill the gap in your diet! Served hot or chilled, nut milks are low in calories and high in protein, vitamins, and minerals. Because they're a super-rich source of essential fatty acids, they burn unwanted fat in the body and are both heart-healthy and brain-healthy! Ready to fire up your blender?!


45 Lessons

All Levels

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SUPER SMOOTHIES Taste the Nectar of Life!

There are many chemicals circulating within our environment today, and we are routinely exposed to them in our environments and the lifestyle and personal care products we use, which create a toxic "body burden." And if our diets don't include lots of cleansing fruits and vegetables, those toxins build up in our inner ecology system and rob our energy and vitality. Smoothies, which are rich in color, fiber, and super food nutrients, offer the most delicious way to get more fresh foods into our diets that have the power to detoxify and regenerate our body's trillions of cells! In this course module, I will show you how to prepare several of my favorite colorful. smooth-sipping blender drinks. Some are cooling and refreshing, others are hearty and warming. They can be enjoyed as a breakfast (a meal in a glass), a snack (a meal substitute) or a night cap. Enjoy!


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