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AUTISM 3: Parenting Autism and 'Special Needs' Youth with Tabletop TUTORS (Includes 100+ Learn & Teach Infographics)

108 Lessons

All Levels

Discover how my infographics can help you, to help your child (or the children in your care) to understand their special needs and nurture them.

Raising a child (or influencing the life of one) who is dealing with autism, OCD, ADHD, anxiety, depression, and learning/behavioral issues is not easy. Oftentimes, hundreds of hours of research are needed to understand why these problems exist and why they are reaching epidemic levels across the globe. Do you want to be able to explain the neurological origins of these conditions to a spouse or

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About This Course

Learning Objectives
  • Parent Support: Explore the holistic approach for addressing autism, OCD, ADHD, and other neuro-gut health issues. Learn about the different faces of autism and the positive traits linked with it. Discover the connection between the autistic brain and the brain of one of nature's most intelligent mammals. Teach others what not to say to you about your child. Help your child to get grounded.
  • Autism Triggers: Explore the role that toxins play in creating autism and other neurological issues, including dirty genes, environmental toxins, pesticides and herbicides, heavy metals (vaccines), mold, wi-fi, and EMFs. Learn how these toxins and stressors lay a foundation for bacterial, viral, fungal, and parasitical infections to thrive. Get a handle on how gut dysbiosis impacts health.
  • Environmental Medicine & Drugless Health Care: Understand how functional medicine doctors treat complex health problems, including autism, OCD, and ADHD. Explore a time-tested vaccine alternative. Learn how CBD can help kids on the spectrum.
  • Clean, Green Lifestyle: Lighten your ecological footprint. Learn why to avoid exposure to cell phones, Wi-Fi, and 5G towers. Understand the problems related to your use of toxic personal care products and lifestyle products. Learn why to adopt clean, green lifestyle products.
  • Toxic Food Additives: Learn about the health problems that MSG, fake sweeteners, fake fats, and fake colors create within the human ecology system.
  • Explore Anti-Nutrients: Learn about plant and animal-based compounds such as lectins, salicylates, phenols, opioids, oxalates, and glutamates, which some children are sensitive to, and would be better off reducing or removing from their diet.
  • Food Elimination Diets: Learn why to reduce and/or phase out foods from your child's diet such as processed sugar, genetically engineered dairy products, processed vegetable oils, processed soy products, wheat (think glyphosate), and gluten-containing products.
  • Whole Foods Nutrition: Meet the Eco-Intelligent Eating Model. Learn about the wide variety of both plant and animal foods (mentioned in the eating model) that it promotes. Discover how fruits, vegetables, pseudo-grains, nuts, seeds, oils, and organic, pasture-raised animal foods can enhance your child's health.
  • Custom Diets: Explore the GAP’s diet, as well as the Paleo diet, and the Vegetarian diet. Discover the value of eating in balance with the seasons. Learn about the physical reasons for picky eating and mental and spiritual reasons.
  • Eco-Friendly Kitchen: Create a peaceful, decluttered, kitchen that feels welcoming to energetically sensitive kids. Learn how to replace non-toxic cookware with healthy, eco-conscious cookware. Empower yourself in your kitchen; adopt an archetype to support your efforts. Create therapeutic color meals.
AUTISM 3: Parenting Autism and 'Special Needs' Youth with Tabletop TUTORS (Includes 100+ Learn & Teach Infographics) Details
108 Lessons
Level: All
Estimated Time To Complete
Course Description

Raising a child (or influencing the life of one) who is dealing with autism, OCD, ADHD, anxiety, depression, and learning/behavioral issues is not easy. Oftentimes, hundreds of hours of research are needed to understand why these problems exist and why they are reaching epidemic levels across the globe. Do you want to be able to explain the neurological origins of these conditions to a spouse or colleague in an easy-to-understand way? Do you want to be able to succinctly communicate the role that diet, lifestyle, and drugs, play in creating these conditions? In this package, I introduce you to over 100 Tabletop TUTORS™, which are colorful, beautifully illustrated text-rich infographics that offer to support you, your doctor, and your child in learning about (and teaching special needs children about) why and how to adopt a cleaner, greener lifestyle, so they can function optimally and experience a greater sense of health and wholeness. Those of you who deal with time restraints and other burdens will find these educational tools to be super helpful, as will young people who have attention deficit issues. Couples who are raising a special needs child will find the graphics useful for improving their communication and helping them to get on the same page with their child's healthcare needs. When printed, laminated, and used as table placemats, the TUTORS make great conversation starters. You can also tattoo your refrigerator door with them! or, you can print them out and place them into a notebook for easy referral. Education doesn't need to be stressful when you have Tabletop TUTORS close at hand!


  • Candia Lea Cole

    Candia Lea Cole, the founder of Eco-Learning Legacies, is known by her peers within the holistic health community as the eco-intelligent lifestyle mentor. She creates educational tools that support individuals, families, and wellness educators to learn (and teach) about the why and the how of creating a clean, green lifestyle that nourishes wellness in body, mind, heart, and soul, as well as the earth and all living things. Candia's experience with environmental illness while growing up led her to awaken her innate eco-intelligence and to embark on a path of self-learning and self-healing. Her inspirational books, teaching infographics, video cooking classes, lifestyle podcasts, and her Eco-Mentor Leadership Trainings, all of which reflect her passion and compassion, have invited praise from many global change-agents.

Course Outline

What Are Tabletop TUTORS?


0: No, I'm Not a Helicopter Parent

1: I'm The Parent of a "Special Needs" Child

2: It Takes a Village to Raise a Child with Autism

3: Do People with Autism Communicate Like Dolphins?

4: Explore 20 Successful People with Autism

5: Being Present to Autism (Guest Contributor)

6: Autism Descension (Guest Contributor)

7: Do You Have the Symptoms of OCD or OCSD?

8: What in the World Causes OCD?


1: What is Autism and Autism Spectrum?

2: Are Your Child's Brain Chemicals Misbehaving?

3: Are Heavy Metals Igniting a Fire in Your (Your Child's) Brain?

4: Does Your Child Have a Methylation Issue?

5: Does Your Child Have Mast Cell Activation Syndrome?

6: Have You (Your Child) Been Affected by Mold?

7: Mold-Toxicity and Autism

8: In the Wake of Destruction: Vaccine Injuries

9: Why Does Conventional Medicine Push Vaccines?

10: What is Candida Yeast Syndrome?

11: Do You (or Your Child) Suffer from Gut Dysbiosis?

12: What Is Leaky Gut Syndrome?

13: How Do I Heal a Leaky Gut?

14: How Does Your (Your Child's) Gut Bacteria Affect Your Health?

15: Exploring Pre-Probiotics

16: Do Probiotics Have What it Takes to Cultivate a Healthy Gut Microbiome?


1: Holistic & Conventional Health Care

2: What is Environmental Medicine?

3: Managing Autism with Cannabis

4: Can Cannabis Help Kid with Autism?

5: is There an Alternative to Vaccines, Doctor?

6: Explore 12 Radical Self-Care Tips for Managing the Symptoms of OCD


1: Anxious, Or Depressed? Treat Your Brain to Nature!

2: Why to Farm and Eat Organic

3: Are You and Other Living Things Eating Toxic Weed Killer?

4: Is Glyphosate Eroding Your Family's Health?

5: Why to Say No to GE Foods

6: Is Network News Getting You Down?

7: Exploring the Antidote to Toxic TV News

8: Are You Cooking Your (Your Child's) Brain with a Cell Phone?

9: Are You Crowding Out the World with Cell Phones?

9X: Why to Hardwire Your (Your Child's) Laptop

10: Earthing vs. Screens

11: Enhance Your 'Life Force' with Scalar Energy

11: Ditch Your Toxic Indoor Air Freshener for Clean, Green Houseplants

12: The Toxic Truth about Feminine Hygiene Products

13: Do the Ingredients in Your Pit Stick (or Spray) Stink?

14: is Your Fragrance a Health Hazard to You and Others?

15: Clean Beauty, Toxic Beauty: Which Do You Choose?


1: Exploring A Diet to Prevent Aggression

2: Sugar is Toxic to Your (Your Child's) Body Ecology

3: Is Corn Syrup Hijacking Your (Your Child's) Health?

4: The Hard Truth about Soft Drinks

5: Processed Vegetable Oils: The Unappetizing Truth

6: Why Can't I Eat Dairy Products?

7: Should You Rethink Soy Products?

8: Is it Time to Adopt Gluten-Free, Casein-Free Diet?

9: Is the Gluten in Your Diet Making You Feel Sick?

10: What is Gluten Gut?

11: Autism Friendly Lunch Box Choices, By J. Matthews


1: Glutamates: Are You Eating Your Way into a Neurological Health Issue?

2: Are Lectins Hurting or Helping Your (Your Childs') Health?

3: Are You (Your Child) Eating Opiates that Stimulate Unhealthy Food Addictions?

4: Can an Oxalate-Reduction Diet Help Kids on the Autism Spectrum?

5: Salicylates: Your Dietary Friend or Foe?

6: Are Anti-Nutrients Stressing Your Gut and Brain Health?


1: Are You (Your Child) Eating Foods that Excite Your Brain Cells to Death?

2: Are the Colors in Your Diet Real, or Fake?

3: Fake Sweeteners: The Enemy of Good Health


0: Food Is Your Teacher!

1: Eating to Defeat Autism

2: Why Do Kids on the Autism Spectrum Have Eating Issues?

3: Eat Your Way to a Better Mood

4: Should You (or Your Child) Try The GAPS Diet?

5: The Ancestor Approved Paleo Diet

6: What's On a Paleo Plate?

7: Eat One Veg Meal A Week

8: Create Therapeutic Color Meals

9: Chakra Balancing Nutrition

10: The Yin and Yang of Healthy Eating


1: Eco-Intelligent Eating Model

2: Amaranth (Pseudo Grain)

3: Quinoa (Pseudo Grain)

4: Teff (Pseudo Grain)

5: Sprouting for Good Health

6: Heal Your Meals with Medicinal Herbs

7: Heal Your Meals with Medicinal Spices

8: Why to Eat The Right Kind of Salt

9: No If's, ands, or Buts, Eat Organic Nuts!

10: Eat Seeds Every Day to Keep the Doctor at Bay!

11: Hunting Down Healthy Fats

13: Organic Fruits and Vegetables

14: Feed & Nourish Your Cells with Nature's Green Super Foods

15: Organic Grass-Fed Meats

16: Organic Grass-Fed Dairy Products

17: The Story of Raw Milk

17X: Explore the Eco-Benefits of Drinking Raw Milk

18: Kefir Health Drink (Nourish Healthy Gut Bugs)

19: Grass-Fed Butter for Your Brain, Your Bones, and Your Gut

20: Savoring the Benefits of Grass-Fed Ghee

21: Is the Fish on Your Menu Sustainable Raised?

22: Nature's Sea Vegetables

23: Organic Eggs (Origins of)

24: Savoring Nature's Liquid Sweeteners

25: Unearthing Nature's Sugar Substitutes

26: Hydrate for Health with Pure Water


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